Hernia Mesh

What is a Hernia Mesh?

A hernia occurs when tissue or organs bulge out of a weak spot or tear in the muscles, most commonly in the abdomen.  While not all hernias require surgery, the most common surgical method is the use of mesh to repair the damaged muscle walls.  Many surgical hernia meshes are made of synthetic plastic that is woven into a screen-like product that is used for the repair.

Common Injuries and Side Effects:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Bowel Obstruction
  • Internal Injury
  • Revision Surgery

Some Hernia Meshes that have been recalled or withdrawn from the market:

  • Atrium C-QUR Mesh
  • Bard Davol Kugel Hernia Patch Mesh
  • Ethicon Physiomesh
  • Ethicon Proceed

Contact United Law Now.

If you or a loved one has experienced complications from a Hernia Mesh, contact our office now. Some of the makers of these devices have recalled hernia mesh devices for poor mesh performance or reports of adverse effects.  One of our trained specialists can discuss how United Law may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our goal is to bring justice to those harmed by this faulty device. Please contact at 888.685.7689 so we can begin this process.

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